Recap Episode (Numbers 33-36)

Who would have thought that the Bible would have the equivalent of a recap episode? It does. Numbers 33-36 summarizes what’s happened to Moses and his people thus far. Their flight from Egypt, their travels through strange lands, their silly idol-worshipping, etc, etc. Not much new information comes out other than Aaron’s age when he died on Mount (W)Hor(e): one hundred and twenty-three years old. The recap in Numbers 33-36 did nothing for me emotionally, which is unusual. I remember watching several Lost recap episodes during its run as a show and being reduced to a weepy puddle on the floor. That show really got to me. Who cared that it made absolutely no sense?

Well, there is a passage that clarifies the difference between a murderer and a manslayer (someone who commits manslaughter, I presume). Manslayer seems to me to be female equivalent of ladykiller, a synonym for maneater (whoa-oh…). It talks about all the different ways you can kill someone and be responsible for their death, one example being “…if he stabbed him from hatred, or hurled at him [italics added], lying in wait, so that he died…” (Num 35:20). Hurled at him? “Hurled” is too colloquial to mean “vomited” in this context but I think that it could mean something along the lines of “launched his own person at another, taking him out like a bowling ball knocking down a bunch of pins”. This would be a great way to kill someone if you were a plus-sized person who happened to be quite quick on your feet (I am fascinated by fat people who can move gracefully; I went to see this musical called Assassins recently and was transfixed by a rotund fellow who was unusually crisp in his movements).


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