All Thumbs (Judges 1)

When Joshua finally kicks it, everyone seems to take a second and look at each other gape-mouthed as if to say, “Now who is going to kill people who aren’t us? Who’s going to be that guy?“. Big shoes to fill. Lucky for them, God nominates this guy named Judah and he’s an ideal candidate.

Judah gets the ball rolling by chasing down Adonibezek, who I think is the leader of the Canaanites. No matter. Upon capture, Judah chops off Adonibezek’s thumbs and “great” toes. Ouch. No opposition for you, Adonibezek. I sincerely hope Adonibezek has long fingers and is not one of those men with creepily small hands that look like they could fit into two miniature tea cups. Speaking from personal experience (being roughly sixty inches tall – sixty inches of dynamite!), I have a hard enough using one hand to hold a can of Diet Coke with my thumb so losing it would surely ruin me and limit me to face-in-bowl-style dining.

Adonibezek takes this surprisingly well. Because, you see, he’s done this sort of thing to others and can appreciate the irony now that the shoe’s on the other foot: “Seventy kings with their thumbs and their great toes cut off used to pick up scraps under my table; as I have done, so God has requited me” (Jud 1:7). Adonibezek, I should mention, went on to assist writing the screenplay for the movie Hostel. 

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