Saul n’ Pepa (Samuel 8-10)

Samuel is kind of a prophet, but not a king. And the Israelites, lemmings that they are, need a king. Samuel’s sons turn out to be bad seeds because they take bribes and “pervert justice” (Sam 8:3). So the elders pester him to find someone more suitable.

Enter Saul. He’s… tall. This is stated several times in the ensuing chapters so apparently it counts for something and is an indication of good leadership skills. I took great offense to this, being just shy of sixty-one inches. I’ve never felt short and feel like I have a fairly commanding presence. Perhaps it’s my low centre of gravity and tendency to adopt a wide stance. If I were a dog, I’d be the kind of dog that breeders describe as multum in parvo, which is Latin for “much in a little”.

Note the perfection of this pug.

Anyways, Saul and Samuel eventually cross paths when Saul is out and about looking for some donkeys that have gone AWOL. Samuel realizes that he’s tall enough for the job and invites him to dinner. After they eat, Samuel pours a lot of oil (olive?) over his own head, smooches him and asks, “Has not the Lord annointed you to be prince over the people of Israel? And you shall reign over the people of the Lord and you will save them from the hand of their enemies round about” (Sam 10:1). Saul is like, “This is news to me; I thought we were just having a nice dinner”. Then Samuel introduces Saul to all the people he’s going to rule over and makes sure to point out how tall he is which, I’m sure, eases any of their misgivings about him being a total stranger and lacking any experience in being a king or leader of any kind. This was probably a lot for Saul to take in.

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