Saving Solomon (Kings 7)

This post has nothing whatsoever to do with the movie “Saving Silverman” and its many complex themes. It just happened to be on my mind since I was home visiting my parents this weekend and its one of those movies that’s always on television Saturday afternoon, alongside “Jaws” and “Contact”; the former is actually my favourite movie of all time and the latter reduces me to tears everytime I watch Jodie Foster in that scene where the aliens appear to her in the guise of her dead father. Man, that scene gets me. Jodie Foster is one of the few actresses totally believable playing a scientist, not only because she has a titanic IQ in real life but because whoever styled her for the movie made her wear fleece and sport a double ponytail. 

So Solomon has built this magnificent temple and its taken a total of thirteen years to complete. It has some interesting features. Yesterday I pointed out its gay aesthetic (thanks to the plentiful cherubim). Today I’ll point out the following features:

– the House of the Forest of Lebanon (for hide-and-seek, I imagine… what else?)

– the Hall of the Throne (for pronouncing judgment)

– the Hall of Judgment (oddly enough, not for pronouncing judgment)

– the Molten Sea (a giant bath – it holds two thousand baths… that’s gross)

Solomon’s buddy Hiram of Tyre has been tacked onto this project all along. It’s mentioned that he, during this massive undertaking, is in charge of pots. Pots? They’re definitely gay lovers.

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