An Embarrassing Admission (Psalms 23-30)

I recognized the following psalm instantly: “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death/I fear no evil/for thou art with me/thy rod and thy staff/they comfort me” (Psalms 23:4). I wish I could say I remember it from church, which wouldn’t be that odd considering that I still remember a lot of the things I’ve had to memorize by rote over the years – from the “Our Father” to a passage from “Lolita” I used for a second year drama class. But I’m embarrassed to admit that I remember the psalm from a scene in “Titanic” when the ship starts to tilt and some poor bastard starts reciting it and Jack says, “You wanna walk a little faster through that valley there?”. Definitely one of the comedic high points of the movie.

My roommate once admitted to me that she went to see “Titanic” eight consecutive times in the theatre when it came out. She’s able to spit out an impressive amount of the narration voiced by old Rose (The sheets had never been slept in… the dishes had never been used… Titanic was the ship of dreams… and it was… it really was). I bested her: I went to see “Titanic” ELEVEN times in the theatre. One my tenth or eleventh visit, my friend Summer(oni) and I were late and we couldn’t find seats together so we got some lawn chairs that I happened to have in the trunk of the Corsica (a pretty sweet ride for a highschooler) and parked them in the back of the theatre like we were at a Barenaked Ladies concert.

I went to see Titanic several times with friends and several times alone. I don’t know what it was about the movie that appealed to me; at the time I considered myself an intellectual, rebel and all-round weirdo. Sidenote: a friend once asked me if I was popular in highschool and I replied, “Let me put it to you this way, Ken. I was thirty pounds heavier, played on the boys’ rugby team, had green hair and my “good” shirt was a Far Side t-shirt. You do the math”. Funny enough, “Titanic” struck a chord with me and I cried at each and every one of the eleven viewings. Maybe it was the three and a half hour running time – it wears you down emotionally and you wind up a puddle.

I toyed with writing this post today but I’m SO glad I did. Here’s why: I started to type in the word “embarrassing” in the Google search to see if it had one “s” or two and something called “Embarassing Bodies” came up. It’s precisely my kind of show. First, it’s BRITISH and second, it’s BRASH in handling STUFF MOST FOLKS DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT. I was looking for something to take the place of “Supersize Versus Superskinny” (the concept to that show is self-explanatory). Not only is it in the same vein, it features Dr. Christian Jessen, the smarmy doctor who was on “Supersize”. This is a red-letter day for me. I know I’ll find this show endlessly entertaining.

As proof of that, here is the FIRST clip that came up for “Embarrassing Bodies”.

That girl looks twelve but is, thankfully, twenty-three.



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