Dorothy F. (Psalms 80-89)

Biblical times must haveĀ been rough. A lot of these psalms that I’ve been reading seem to focus on how God can punish the various writers’ enemies, or at least keep them at bay. These enemies, who lay “crafty plans” (Psalms 83:3), need to be “put to shame and dismayed forever” (Psalms 83:17). Everyone who’s written a psalm has gone on about their enemies. This got me thinking: who are my enemies?

Is there anyone out there who really, truly hates me? If there is, I’m unaware. I’m slightly saddened by this thought because I think that if your friends in some part help define you then surely your enemies must as well. If I trawl my history the one person that comes to the surface is Dorothy F.

Dorothy F. and I went to elementary school together. She hit her peak in popularity in Grade 5 before some girls started to grow boobs and get their periods, and a new hierarchy emerged. She had Aryan blue eyes and blonde hair and sharply defined bangs, mathematical in their precision. She was the first of us to sport brands like OP and Vuarnet and wear bike shorts like regular shorts. Her parents had more money then rest of ours.

Dorothy F. was a mean little girl.

I once used a tri-syllabic word in her presence and she responded by asking me, “Are you a fucking dictionary?”. That hurt. I once took a trip to London and Paris with my parents and not wanting me to have the cultural upper-hand, lied and told me that she’d done the same over a weekend (did I question her? No. I didn’t have the strong grasp on time zones that I do now). But the worst? She got to slow dance with the object of my desire Marc D. during our Grade 5 parties (to “More Than Words,” as I recall).

Now that I’ve listed her slights against me, they don’t seem all that bad. Mind you, they seemed like huge injustices at the time. Maybe I’ll look her up on Facebook. Okay. I just looked her up. It appears that she’s married with kids and likes Mexican resorts.

This song holds up, doesn’t it?

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