Ironic Tidbits (Psalms 126-137)

I’m trying to imagine the person(s) who wrote the Bible, re-read it, edited it and said, “People will fer sure┬átake this seriously; there’s nothing in here worth making fun of at all”.


A large slice of the joy I’ve derived from painstakingly reading the Bible is stumbling across ironic tidbits. They’re delicious to my atheist palate. Psalm 136 is chock-a-block with them. I think that it’s supposed to be sung because every other line pretty much is “…for his steadfast love endures for ever.”

Try this on for size:

“…to him who smote the first-born in Egypt/for his steadfast love endures for ever” (Psalms 136:10)

Ironic, n’est pas? Even more so when the language is updated:

“…the guy who killed thousands of little, tiny, defenseless babies… he’s nice”

Here’s a couple more:

“…to him who smote great kings/for his steadfast love endures for ever/and slew famous kings/for his steadfast love endures for ever” (Psalms 136:17-18)

Both great AND famous kings? Those were the best ones!

I’m glad that I’ve only got one more post on Psalms to get through. I’m really reaching here. I can feel it.

Don't smite me!

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