Gardyloo! (Psalms 90-99)

Exactly two thirds of the way through Psalms! Whew!

These ten psalms continue to bemoan the (attributed) author’s enemies and celebrate God’s glory and anger… or glanger, as I’d like to say. I was speed reading along à la Tim Ferriss (he wrote “The 4 Hour Work Week” and “The 4 Hour Body,” and has made a career out of showing up everyone at everything… if I were a dude, I’d NEVER invite him to my parties) when I caught the word “wast” in the following psalm:

“O Lord our God, thou didst answer them/thou wast a forgiving God to them/but an avenger of their wrongdoings” (Psalms 99:8)

As someone who regularly uses the words “betwixt” and “mayhaps,” the word “wast” tickled me. I looked up “archaic english words” on ye olde Google and stumbled upon a few dandies. Here’s a few of my favourites that ought to be reincorporated into daily parlance:

1. “Gardyloo” – a warning cry, as in “Gardyloo! Everyone out of the water! Shark!”

2. “Swoopstake” – in an indiscriminate manner, as in “The shark made multiple swoopstake attacks on the bathers.”

3. “Wanion” – ill-luck, misfortune, as in “It was a slice of wanion that your cousin got eaten by that shark.”

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